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Paddleboat by Greg2012-05-07 18:38:30

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Builder
1451 Posts
Well, sad to say my dream of using the paddleboat as a ferry for the Water Park won't be coming to fruition... It's my understanding that it's been sold, yet still remains on the property. Here it is parked over at the old animal area:

I'm thinking the new owner hasn't figured out how to get it out of Lake Eloise yet. I'm wondering if it's even still viable? I imagine after several years of sitting there, she's got to be pretty rough.
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re: Paddleboat by MSAP Fan2012-07-22 14:08:32

Norfolk, Virginia

234 Posts
I wonder if the Carrie B line bought her as I have been speculating might could happen. If they are considering adding service in a third city, then even refurbishing the Cypress Belle would still be cheaper than having a new boat build.
Let's hope that new MSAP can pull off one of the greatest homecomings Panama City Beach ever had! The Starliner shall rise again!
re: Paddleboat by Sean2014-12-16 16:59:23


I saw the paddle boat parked along the lake near the parking toll booths recently. They might be getting ready to sell it for scrap.
re: Paddleboat by Greg2014-12-21 21:56:01

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Builder
1451 Posts
Yes, I have photos yet to be posted of it. Looks pretty sad... Too bad they didn't take better care of it.
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